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Harness Fitting


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Does anyone have any experience of fitting 4 point harnesses into toyotas, the corolla (1995) specifically. I have spoken to the motorsport dealer who was helpful but had no experience outside race cars. I'm fed up of getting thrown out of my seat on corners, bumps and jumps.

How does one disble the seatbelt pretensioners? Can they be re-enabled?

does anyone know the best way to affix the rear/top attachment (single as i'll go for a 4x3 harness)


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Not sure about the harness...but disabling/de-activating any safety feature is likely to land you with a lawsuit, should a passenger be killed... same goes for those who remove air-bags.


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It may not be relivant, but i attached mine to the standard seat belt brackets on the front floor mountings..... and then to the childs safety harness fitting on the back seat.

Find out if ur front seat belts (shoulder strap end) goes all the way to the floor. You'l probably have to take the plastic covering off..... and then fit them to that (as long as you dont mind, after locating them, drilling a hole in the plastic to mount ????)

The harness that goes to the back has to be on a angle no more than 45 degrees from parallel or they wont be safe (and probably illegal).

It may also be easier to fit a 3 point instead. I should have done this really, and now regret it (only mildy :D ).

You might be able to mount them underneath the rear seats and have them comming out where the back seat passanger ones come out (errrrr.... the female end, inbetween the upright support and the bum one :D ) but check the angle on this.

Also dont forget that this could render the back seat useless and illegal.

The other option is to go for a harness that can unclip like a normal seat belt on the back straps (that go to the rear mounting) so u can easily un hook it when u want rear seat passangers. These, though, are more expensive.

Thats about it. :P

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also keep your original seatbelt active, you might regreat not being able to reach the radio or heater switches all the time, or crank your head to look in the blind spot. I use them, their a great laugh, but not every day when im off to work etc.

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