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3sge Axles?


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Hello ya'll, I've a request from across the pond. I hate my 5SFE and am planning on swapping in a BEAMS 3SGE. I know this is a direct swap, and I could even use my stock axles and tranny. However, I don't see this as the wisest course of action. So I have two questions. One, could one of you possibly get a price quote for axles for what would be your GT Celica, w/o the Super Strut/Sport Suspension. Two, don't suppose anybody would know what the tranny code is for your 3SGE? Thanks in advance.

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Hello, i had put a 3sge in my celica replacing the 5sfe and left the old axles in and currently race the car. I have had no problems with their handling the extra horse power however the bearing on the front of a group of the celicas that race with our club have all broken so be aware of this if you are road racing. As far as the tranny number you might want to email Toysport.com they deal in this engine and could possible give you the number of the tranny if you ask them nicely. Good luck!

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