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Turbo Help !


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Hay Peeps !!

Sorry i was away for a long time Coz i was Sooo Sooo busy...

People i was woondering .. Is it possible to Fit a Turbo for a Standard Non-turbo engine??

Coz i have a starlet EP82 (Non-turbo)...

Any negetive aspects after fitting ???

I want some advice !!


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Yes you can, but too be honest you will find it a lot cheaper and a lot easier to buy yourself a Starlet Turbo engine, ECU, fuel pump etc rather than uprating the standard engine - or simply buying a Starlet Turbo.

If you want to build your own engine you will need to buy intercooler, pistons, turbocharger, make a custom manifold and intake system and also program the fuel injection system with an aftermarket set of electronics.

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