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Nav Install Advice For Avensis


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Can anyone advise me if there is a best route for getting navigation put into my Avensis (2001).

We have just got the car and it doesn't have it, but the garage said it was a fairly straightforward upgrade that could be done after purchase for about £1000.

Sounds like a lot of money for what I assume is a boot mount unit pluged-in to existing wiring etc.

Is it as simple as that or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Is there any point in advertising for a 2nd hand nav unit?

Is there anywhere that will do it cheaper for me?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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I have an Avensis 2001 with sat nav fitted.

All you need is Cd-ROM unit & CD of UK. I can get you a CD-ROM unit for £300, but you will need to buy a CD for £140.

Cd-ROM just connects into harness on left side of boot ( 3 connectors ). Your GPS sensor should just ( if fitted, i think it's a small ball type sensor mounted on dash right in front of driver, next to screen vent ) pick up a signal once connected.

I take it you have the unit fitted into your dash?

Let me know if you want the unit.


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Hi and thanks for the reply.

I have the normal Avensis Vermont (51) dash with the radio/fuel computer unit that has the buttons for nav, re-route etc.

I have also found a (previously unnoticed) sensor next to the screen vent as you described. I will check that the wiring is in place in the boot this weekend (if it ever stops raining).

I think so far this looks like I should just be able to plug it in.

£300 for a unit is the best price I have had so far.

What can you tell me about the CD? Where can I get it, is there an ongoing subscription fee?

Thanks again,


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Well........ I opened the boot, removed the floor cover, removed the lhs side panel - no wiring! I removed the rhs side panel, the rear seat side pads and just about everything else - no wiring! I pulled up the GPS receiver in the front and it has wires attached which I am assuming is a good thing, but where the hell is the loom for the CD unit - help!

I have attached a picture.


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Just for the record I ahve now self installed a nav unit and found the following:

The wiring for nav unit is not installed by default but rather it is supplied with the new nav unit (unless ofcourse you have a car that once had a nav unit that has been replaced).

The small ball sensor near the air vent is nothing to do with the GPS - it looks like a light sensor for the dimming dash - but if anyone knows what it is then let me know.

The GPS sensor comes with the new unit - not pre-installed (on Avensis Vermont anyway) and it installs on top of the instrument cluster cowl inside the dash.

This installation involves removal of te centre radio/multi display, the instrument panel, the underside trim, the glove box, the door weather seals, the rear seat side pad and the boot side panels - this is not difficult but not for the faint hearted or those with no screwdriver skill and patience.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread.


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Re the small dome-shape thing on the dash. Just to play devils advocate, it isn't anything to do with the climate control is it?.

I know other cars with CC have a dash mounted sensor to detect sunlight/heat etc, as well as measuring the air temp via other methods. It all goes to decide on heat/cold/power to the unit.

Could be wrong of course.!

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Yes, the dome shaped sensor is a Sunload sensor for your auto A/C.

I knew the GPS sensor was in the dash but was unsure of exactly where.

What Version Nav disk did you manage to obtain & how much was it?

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