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Being Stitched Up By Dealer!


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Hi everyone. Well as you can see from the title i'm having problems with the local toyota dealer. As you all know i had both Yaris T Sports lowered last week. Also in my wifes car i had a subwoofer installed by toyota. The problem is the subwoofer is of poor quality. Basically it's crap. I can fart more bass than the subwoofer.

Toyota are saying because i had it fitted at discount they wont refund the money.

Now the real story

I was ringing up to check if the lowering springs had arrived in stock yet. When one of there parts man asked me if i was interested in buying a subwoofer from them. After awhile of bartering with the guy i got it for £60. I wanted them to fit it in my wife car for a surprise. It worked out that someone had ordered it and never returned to pick it up so they where trying to sell it of cheap.

Now once fitted i noticed that they fitted it in the boot. Now i thought that they were going to fit it under the seat. I was told that i was to fit under the seat???

Once at home i listened to the subwoofer. I thought that the subwoofer wasn't working so i got on the phone to toyota and i made them have a look at it again. Because of good friday i had to wait till this week for them to look. They told my wife that it was fitted correctly. I couldn't believe it :wacko:

My wife then said that she wanted her money back. A total of £91 including fitting. They said that you cant get your money back on accessories once ordered? But you have got to remember that this was in stock all the time and we didn't order this. If i had seeing the sub before or even heard it play i would have never have brought it. I cant believe that toyota are being this way.

Mean while I had a courtesy call from camden outlet. They wanted to know if we were please with the work which toyota carried out. So i told them about the subwoofer problem. So they are looking into it.

I spoke to the service manager again and he told me that If i gave you the money back who's going to pay the cost to have the sub removed. They are going to lose money on this. All i want is my money back but it looks like we are going to fall out over this. This is how you treat a customer who buys 2 new car less than 3 months apart?????

Can anyone tell me the number for Toyota GB. As i would like to get this sorted out as i think that i'm getting stitched up here!!!!


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i totally believe there stiching you up...............

they should cover the costs of removal, if they fitted faulty parts.

if your engine blows up and its replaced under warrenty, but it also is <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?>ed you dont pay to get it removed again ..........do u

push this all the way.

the number for TGB should be in your owners book with the car

mat :angry:

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but its not faulty part... problem is that they have fitted it in the trunk and you cant hear it from there... I have the same sub in my car under pass. seat, and I leave it at 60% usually since it is too loud for me personally... if you wanted some real ***** kickin bass, then you definetly should not expect it for 60 quids

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You can get the number for toyota uk customer services at their web site www.toyota.co.uk, under contacts. But they may not be any use, when i had a problem they told me that dealers were private franchises therefore they can't intefer. Had to got to department of fair trading and lodge an official complaint. According to the offiiciaal toyota accessories leaflet the sub is meant to be under the seat.


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Blimey mate,what a load of hassle.

Picked up my yaris t sport yesterday with subwoofer fitted UNDER THE SEAT and it sounds great ! Apparantly they dont sound as good in the boot as they are made to go under the seat.

You are totally in the right to get it refitted/checked out Free.

Good luck.


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I have been reading this thread and I get the impression that it might have a gain (volume) control on it somewhere?

I saw the job they did on your wifes car and the installation work alone is shocking! This alone is grounds for having it removed!

Talk later bout the weekend,


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I heard of similar probs with subs.

The Subs toyota supply are for under seat installation, although the cone looks similar to 'normal' subs they are infact a composite designed to move differently, lets face it, there's not a whole lot of air under the seat ????? so it vents the air differently, using its surroundings in a similar way to a 'port' in a vented box.

Your underseat sub needs about .75cft of air to function properly, at the moment its got about 7ltrs of air LOL and will probably sound like a !Removed! in a wet paper bag.

tell them to take it out and fit it into the correct position.

no if's or but's, just do it right.

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Just check the subs not clipped, its really hard to tell (well for me) them apart from a working one, I have a clipped sub in my room, and it sounds C-R-A-P-! but looks normal...

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I had a close look at mine.I cant see any controls anywhere on it.But it sounds mighty fine baby yeah!

Get it under your seat now!

Good Luck.

interesting, then we dont have the same subs ;-)... you should have 2 controles (base & gain) at the left side of the sub, if we are talking about toyota labeled panasonic active sub

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hi all

if this sub is based on the panasonic one then mmm

how do they plug it in, is it a cut into the speaker line out cable or is it plug into the head unit itself via rca low level.

as i might get me a sub, seen a nice pioneer 10cm in nice abs plastic.


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Hi everyone Thanks for all your comments. Thanks sorted avensis for the number of toyota GB. I managed to get in contact with them they told me because it was sold at discount you wont be able to get money back.

But when i told them that i didn't order the part in and they didn't say that it's not refundable once you had it fitted they said that they would give them a call.

Also the woman on the phone told me that they are going to fax a message to shawn roland the parts manager that he should consider refunding the money.

Oh well lets see what happens??????????

So peterabbit30 You reckon that i should put it under the seat? I will have to try it. Perhaps it will sound better.

spwolf It sounds like we have got a different sub. My sub hasn't got any controls on it at all. Sounds like you have got a better one. Perhaps if it had a settings on it. It would sound better.

Ratus9 The sub has being plugged into the back of the head unit. So it's directly feed from the head unit ok.

Unity jon Thanks for you detailed note. I think you are right as it's to small to be working like that in the boot. Maybe once i have it moved to under the seat it will be better.



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Hi everyone

Finally got the subwoofer sorted out. It worked out the sub was turned down to 2 volts instead of 12 volts. It took a really pro to sort it out. MR ICEMAN HIMSELF. STEVE RATCLIFFE . Down to his skill and ability he was able to resolve the problem. Also installing it in the correct place under the seat.

Now i will take the car back to toyota and show them how it should have being installed. Also where they fitted it in the boot they left a load of black sticky paste all over the boot carpet. I will have to see if they will give me a new carpet for the boot. As if they had installed it properly it wouldn't of had all that mess over the boot like that.

Thanks to MR ICEMAN AKA steve ratcliffe I'm how happy :D :P :lol:

Cheers steve!!!


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