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i have a 92 toyota supra turbo with a factory alarm system. the way the system works is when the alarm goes off, you must put the key in the ignition or the lock to turn it off, and then manually lock, then unlock the door with the key. I locked my keys inside my car the other day and made the mistake of having a police officer try to get it open. he didn't, then i had AAA do it, which was successful. MY alarm still works but i can't disable the kill switch to the ignition to turn the car on.. HELP ME!!!

mike bigredsupra

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That isnt a factory system.. the factory alarms on the mk3's are Scorpions, they are a red painted unit normally mounted near the drivers side strut top, and they certainly dont operate like that.

just get a new one... yours sounds a bit daft.

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actually, here in the US, that's exactly how they operate, and they're not red painted scorpions.

...sounds to me like YOU, adi, are the one with the after-market system.

good luck though, bud. i'd advise NOT installing an aftermarket alarm system unless you want to spend mucho dinero on it. cheap ones cause more problems that it's worth.

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All UK MKIII supras had the scorpion alarm factory fitted.

So if you have a UK spec, then you have an aftermarket alarm, but sounds like your in the US so perhaps MC17 can help you.

Hope thats cleared things up.

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