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G'day Mates :)

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Hi Everyone.

I live in Perth, Western Australia and thought I would join your forum as I hope to own a Corolla Sportivo (name for the T-Sport in Aussieland) soon.

It is an exciting month ahead in Australia we are getting 3 new models this month. 140kw Corolla Sportivo, ST170 Focus and 147kw Turbo Holden Astra (called a Opel something or other in Europe)

Anyway my question for you is in Road Test how has the T-Sport faired against Focus ST170, Turbo Opel and Cleo Sport (not the mid-engined one of course)

Toyota Australia hasn't even released pricing of the Sportivo but two separate dealers tell me it will be $Aust 29,990. which if true is real value considering the ST170 is offically $27,000 and the Holden (Opel) is the same. These cars seem quite similar in performance to me (or if anything the toyota would be better) and we may have a $7000 advantage.

Our sportivos are being built in Sout Africa as RunX Rsi's I think and being rebadged for Australia.

Any info anyone has on comparisions between these models and prices in UK would be very interesting.

Good forum. Wish we had as much interest in sporting toyotas he in Oz.


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