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Witch! Explain The Badger Thang?

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Hi Scoob!!!

Firstly I like the lil' love heart... does this mean you love me???? ah.. Bless you!!!

Are you sitting comfortably?? right, I will begin.....

Once upon a time I was travelling to my local Public House to meet some friends for a couple of non-alcoholic (of course) beverages, quite content with cruising at 25mph (tongue in cheek) I approached a small bend in the road and as I began safely & gently accelerating out of the bend.... there he stood....... Mr Badger!!!! completely in my face, aggressive and ready to die defending his road and honour!! so he did... die that is... as he launched himself into the front of my baby MR2 (who I love dearly and with all my heart), arms flailing and wearing a look of imminent death.

I was gutted, and by the time I entered the pub I was in floods of tears, all my friends came to the rescue saying "It's ok, the badger probably didn't suffer", but I was in fact crying over my baby car's damage and the cost of repair...f**k the badger, I say!!!!

There is a TOC/LOC "badger death pose" going on, which I'm sure we'll happily demonstrate for you when we next meet. :D

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What the heck are those creatures made of?

They are legendary for the damage they can do when skittled.

Idea: Get a fluffy toy badger and ceromoniously "execute" it.

Payback of the symbolic kind........

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I would have to agree with Badger when it comes to the damage.... F@*k the badger, look after the MR2....

I'm glad you remembered to mention the badger pose, should get a group badger pose shot at jae, anyone here got a big blow up badger ???

Obviously the story was a lot better coming via mouth direct :P :D :lol:

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Sod the Badgers, you can swerve round them, what about the !Removed! pheasants that make a direct b-line for your radiator through the front grill.

that makes a hell of mess (bllod and guts everywhere) :angry:

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