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Morning all,

Having recently joined the forum scene i have been really impressed with the vast amount of knowledge and interest that is shown by its members <_< and was wondering if any body could help me out with a little problem i have. :(

I have a 1985 Celica Supra MKII B) and would like to jazz up the bodywork a little with some sort of body kit

i.e. low front cow catcher, rear spoiler, side skirts that sort of thing but dont know quite were to start.

It has a loverly set of decent alloy's on it already so that's not a problem, the car is white with black side trims and wheel archers,(photo on last page of members gallery) so even a few graphics could be in order.

any ideas or photo's or just general info into were to start, who to talk to, would be greatly appreciated.

thanks peeps

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:D thanks mat that woud be great. have trawled a few sites but like you say as soon as you mention the age thats end of story.

just would like to do something with it to make it stand out a little

the only other option is graphics but what and how much i dont know

RGDS Gus :ph34r:

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