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Which Exhaust Should I Choose Hks Or Greddy?


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i came across a website that sell performance part. www.speedcrave.com they are selling the greddy street performance exhaust for $553 and the hks exhaust for hks turbo exhaust for $517 . both are pretty good deal. need to know which one create more hp , thx

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Are you US based? I assume so! To be honest, I don't know which of the two would be better... purely on name I would probably go for the HKS - on the assumption that if they can build the worlds quickest Skyline, their exhausts can't be that bad! In the UK there Mongoose exhause appears to be the bog standard in performance tuning MR2 exhausts, giving dynoes gains of up to 10bhp (not peak bhp though)

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You will need to register to veiw the page but here it is.

Exhaust Sounds

You can listen to the sounds of several exhaust systems there, my favorite is the Greddy SP and the Fujitsubo RM01A.

You will need to register to veiw the page.

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