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Aftermarket Clutch


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Hi, does anybody know how much power a hilux clutch can take???

Im exploring the idea of putting one in my 73 celica. As im uping the power id like to know if it would cope with around 200bhp at the f/w. or will i still have to go aftermarket. Im trying to avoid importing one from america really, so if it hase to be an after market hilux, that i cant obtain in the UK, i might just aswell order a celica clutch from america for £200 - £300.

The toyota part number is LN106 or RN105........

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I've just bought a clutch for my Carina from Daikin Clutch Co. They are OEM suppliers. It even came in Toyota Packaging. Cost £66 after getting a good deal from the local rep. Toyota were quoting £200 +vat for the exact same clutch. Shop around for OEM factors.

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:D i did actually e-mail them but had no response, so i ordered a centerforce one from the U.S, which will arrive tommorow :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: that means my new crank/pistons/lightened flywheel can be balanced up and back at home in the next few wks :P :P :P :P :P that makes me very happy

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