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Alarm Going Off = Low Battery?

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Hello - I have a 2001 Corolla S, and for some strange reason the factory alarm keeps going off about every other minute.

I have checked to make sure I didn't leave my lights on (ANY of them), and someone here at work suggested it might be my Battery getting low.

Has anyone else heard of this, or any other reason it would keep going off, without an apparent cause? I would think someone couldn't be setting it off with another device, since no one was in the area (a good 25-50 ft, and I need to be basically next to it to engage and disengage the alarm most days)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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It could be your car Battery. The alarm can be triggered with a voltage drop. If the Battery is on its way out, the charge can drop quickly and if the voltage sensor within the alarm system is sensitive this could be what is triggering it. Pop down to your dealer and get them to do a load check on the Battery for you.

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