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Those Nice People At Toyota


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I received a letter from Toyota Uk about a possible rear brake system problem with my 51 Yaris, subsequently they were performing a Recall to fix the problem. I managed to book the car in within a few days and was also given a courtesy car. When I went to collect my own pride and joy, I was told of a small problem which they had spotted. They informed me that the front hubs were corroding slighty. I had seen this but you just expect disc hubs to rust and discolour due to the extreme conditions they work in. Having the CDX model the alloy wheels do make the discs and hubs quite visible. My dealer said this was unacceptable and was spoiling the look of the car. Suprisingly I was asked to book my car in at a later date to have new disc fitted at no cost to my self !!! Hats off to Lindop Brothers of Wrexham. :D :D :D

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Hi everyone Thats really good of them. In the end i just painted my hubs up with silver paint. It's a shame that the hubs begin to rust and look crap. I dont think at my local garage they would be so helpful :angry:


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I went to C&G (where i bought my corolla from 4 yrs ago) to inquire about the new avensis and the guy i spoke to didnt really seem all that interested to talk to me (maybe i'm just too young/scruffy looking :) ) or able to answer my many questions so i went to lindop the next day instead. I arrived 5 mins after closing time and and the last sales guy who was just leaving and on his way home reopened the place just for me and we talked for about 20 minutes. I wonder if you can guess who's going to be getting my money? :lol:

Maybe i'm just old fashioned but if i'm spending the best part of 20K on sometihng, I expect *impeccable* customer service or else i'll just go elsewhere.

i'll write a dealer review when i take delivery of my T4....

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