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Toyota Have Finally Gone Bonkers!


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like the top one....the others im not too sure about

LIKE are you mad :help: what is there to like


1 no room for golf clubs

2 no windscreen to stop flys hitting you in the mush

3 going to get p155 wet through when it rains

4 single seaters(no passenger no bj going down the M way)

5 anything i can't think of thats bad


1 never get pulled for speeding

2 never get pulled for speeding

3 never get pulled for speeding

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the top is the same as all the others apart from the road runner one with legs!!!

looking at it it looks like it goes up and down... I'll bet you can change the colours of the lights with a stwitch too!

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I wish Toyota would stop spending all this money on pointless schemes like this and spend it on producing a new Supra or something! They have made plenty of prototypes of the supra but neva bother to bring em out! Waste of money! Toyota are really getting boring, thats why i stick with the old ones!

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