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Celica Gt 95 ...


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White; Toyota Celica GT; Convertible; all stock; 1995 –

Since I ran across this forum, I thought this would be a good place to ask for some help. Can anyone recommend me to any good sites/or people in New Jersey that sell parts for great deals? What kind of parts?

1. Engine work (Performance: Big #1 before looks) :rolleyes:

2. Body Kit (Not a boring/ugly one) :D

3. Spoiler

4. Sound System :ph34r:

5. Ground effect Kits

My radiator needs to be replaced. Are there any better ones to look for to help the performance? Please if I can get some recommendations on parts for better performance, it would be big help. Sure I can go out and get it, but I’m still a bit new with cars. Thought this would give me a boost... thanks. I'll be around... later

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'lo fellow Convert owner! Since I see you're from NJ, there's actually not a whole lot you can do to your car that won't take a huge amount of money :D There's the basics, exhaust, intakes, that sort of thing. If you're looking for big power, there's numerous engine swaps you can do. If you don't want any of that, there are shops (not in NJ) like www.racetep.com that do very good quality engine building. You can also install a turbo if you are mechanically inclined. You can collect the parts yourself or there's a kit made by Burien that works for the 5SFE engine. Since you're US based, check out 6gc.com or celica.net. They have more discussion that relates to US spec cars.

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That's a big help. Thanks for the fast reply. Yea I relized my car can handle Turbo and I will look more into that later. I'm glad you mentioned that! :D hmm More replies are welcome people. B) Sucks to live in NJ ... when it comes to cars that is... :angry: <_< :(

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theres always fensport. they are uk based but do ship around the world. see them at

fensport they are very good and can offer good advice/service

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