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Toyota Using Space Shuttle Technology.

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Just been working at a place where they are building a brand new toyota plant.

You know on space shuttles they have tiles on to absorb heat. You can put a blow torch on for 4 hrs then take it off and put ya hand on and it will be cold well toyota has built a factory to manufacture this for them selves.

The managers cant say wat its going to be used for within toyota. but its vehicle use.

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Toyota Using Space Shuttle Technology

When people say 'using space shuttle technology' you can't help but smile.

Most ZX81 on eBay are infact bought by NASA to replace the aging technology in the shuttle and other pieces of kit. It isn't actually all that new. :) Hence the delay in the late 1999 launch because they were going to overlap with the 2000 cross over and like everyone else had their fears of being compliant. Hoax of the millenium that one.

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Hoax of the millenium

Could not agree more with that one although working in IT did prove to be a !Removed! good excuse to get some extra £££

Was offered 5x salary and bonus to work NYE over the millenium.... Didn't take it as there was no way I was missing that party :)

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