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Hi Guys , I Have Question


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hi there fellas

i'm really thinking about buying supra in the next month

but im have trouble deciding which supra to buy

im thinking . . . to buy a non turbo supra and plug one of this little devil's : http://www.turbofast.com.au/sales.html

tha baddest of 'em all (in the bottom of the page)

i don't know if these turbo kits could be installed on the supra !

and does it really give it extra 800 hp ?

if not ! please provide me with some bad-a** supra turbos . links and all

or is it better to buy a twinturbo supra ? from its manufactorer

and what is the best supra to modify ! i heard the new 2000 model is harder to modify

im really sorry for all this question , im really a newbie at this stuff !

Thanx all ,,

DareDevil ®

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Hi daredevil Welcome to the club mate :D I would go for the twin turbo model that way you have got the turbos on the car already. At least that way if it's not fast enough you can then add to the car.

Checkout this site should be good.



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Its pointless buying a non turbo supra (2JZGE) just to turbo it, its VERY complicated to do and very expensive. simply not worth it..just buy a turbo version.

The link youre referring to doesnt add 800bhp, it means that once the turbo is fitted inplace of the existing turbos it can provide enough boost for 800bhp (supposedly).

No, the later models arent as tuneable due to the VVTi engine, and less parts are available. Go for a pre97 and you can have all the fun you want tuning it.

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