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Im from Ipswich too, well most the time and In Norwich at uni so never too far away.

I know that a few people with a few cover cars are heading my way soonish to meet a few lovely ladies and maybe wanting to go to a Southend cruise.

Without leaking too many cars i know i'll be there will be my recently kitted Paseo, a blue lambo door paseo(cough-oli-cough), a beautiful orange mitsi fto often seen in Potn etc, and finally a lovely jag on 22's!!!!

I will find out more info and let you lot know!!!

Oh and pics below of the potential level of cars we are talking about being at this gathering!!

Drool away people, i know i did!!!!!


To be sprayed but will end up looking like this one!!!




I think its a bloke called Ben who owns this FTO (i apologise if im wrong!!)


And the Jag on 22's!!!!!


So whos up for some fun???

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Febuary and March will be all rain and not much shine :crybaby:

The first big day out will be " The Fast Show " at Santa Pod :ph34r: on April 2nd and 3rd.

But if it was like the last time I went, you will need more than a rain jacket.

Thick hat

Two jackets

Double up on the socks.

Water proof boots

Plus loads of bog roll to stop your nose from running :unsure:

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I will be moving to East Anglia in Oct.  should have my '01 Echo there in Nov.  look forward to checking out the Yaris.  Will (hopefully) post pics. of my Echo soon, just got new digital cam.


Good stuff :thumbsup: hope you can come to some meets :thumbsup:


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Just joined club a few days ago...Live in Norwich...escaped from North London 4 yrs ago. Old fogie...drive Yaris D4D ..but never over 25mph.

Don't know my way around this club yet...but I'm learning. Never used a chat forum before.....Have a steam-driven computer...not too bad when I get the boiler going! (now, where did I put those logs?)


Binkie salkindue@yahoo.ie

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Just moved from Ipswich to Stowmarket (13 miles away).... Lets put some dates down for meets in 2006

Starting with "The Fast Show" at SantaPod March 25th & 26th - I know its not local but it's the first thought .

Second - We could have a meet down at Yarmouth or Clacton (Used to go there with the Subaru Club)

Third - Something for the sumer months - BBQ or meet around suffolk - Norfolk area..

Let me know.. don't be shy, show your Toyota with pride.

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