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Member Related Jokes....

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Was getting bored, Friday afternoon and all and was looking around to see if I could find any jokes which could be related to members of the forum....

As I'm crap with jokes all I could come up with was:

What is black and white and red ???

Badger in her MR2, or is that A badger after badger has hit it with her MR2...

Crap I know so will throw it open to you guys :)

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YOU ARE REALLY MEAN, but I love it... lol

Good job I have a sense of humour!!!

You're right though.. you are cr*p at jokes, although your driving isn't much better!!! lol...got you back!!!


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What would be really funny, was if ryan hit a badger on the way to Japfest... not only would he have to eat all his words that he's said to witch, he'd also have to give me the rest of his track passes!!

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lol@ Scot!!!!

Bless Ryan, he's only having a laugh. I'm sure had I known that my Badger killing incident was going to cause so much fun I may not have even cried!!!

But whoever kills badger from now on I will always be the original Badger killer!!!!!


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There can now only be one Badger on TOC or LOC (I wonder if Steve has any way of changing the username as it would suit so much better)....

Only problem now is that if someone is unfortunate enough to hit a Badger I wonder what names we could give them.....

Roadkill just doesn't quite have the some sound :P

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