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I need a manual for my celica. I'm in the UK and have a 1991 celica gt with a 3sge engine. Haynes don't seem to do one, anyone know a company that does

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Supposedly, the Hayes manual for th 89-99 model celica also covers the 3sge. It's meant for US spec cars, but they include things for the 3sge as well.

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You can get complete technical manuals online from techinfo.toyota.com. They download as dozens of pdfs (acrobat files).

It costs $10 for a day, and (I think), $50/month, $350/year.

I signed up for the 1 day option and downloaded almost the complete set of service manuals for my 90 Celica GT. You will need a pretty fast connection and it will still take a few hours of work to get the stuff down, but then you have it all and ,I would suggest, it's much more complete than Hanes!

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Have you got deep pockets with loads of cash - if so take a trip to your local Mr T parts department and ask for the workshop manuals.

For the 3S-GE engine you will need part number RM051E (covers Aug 1986 on) or later version. I don't have numbers for the 91 Celica body manual.

Have the chassis number handy.

Cost - possible £100 each. :ffs: :censor:

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