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New Spec Yaris


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I was at my main dealer today and had a cheeky peek at the new revised yaris.

YUCK! :wacko:

Although some improvements have been welcome such as seat with memory,brighter lights etc the cosmetic side of things appear to be somewhat lacking.

The biggest thing that made me cringe was the new look fan dials,looks like the surround to these have been coated in a champagne coloured foil...uugghhh and things have been squared in the cockpit with a reduction in curves which isnt as pleasing to the eye.

The new look fans look nowhere near as good as the existing ones and the lights look a little odd to me.

The fog lights arent as accentuated and not as sporty as a result.

In my humble opinion I feel that the aim being to appeal to a younger audience has missed the mark and surely these changes will appeal to an older audience.

It doesnt look as good as it did in the pics online,u must see it in the flesh to believe it.

I think the previous yaris t-sports will be in greater demand now. Im glad I ordered the 'old's tyle thats for sure!

I know not everybody will agree,Im just saying what I think.What do others think? Has anyone seen it in the flesh yet?

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I have had it in our showroom for past 1.5 months, and everyone likes it better than old Yaris

it looks better, has better specs and interior is nicer looking than old one...


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I have to agree with Mr Rabbit I went back to my local toyota garage today and saw the new yaris!!! I shuddered with horror!!!! My view only but i am so so pleased that I have what is 'now' the old model.

The new headlights were bad enough until i saw the silver'ish' plastic surrond around the centre consol controls. What were Toyota thinking? I only got my Yaris TSport 2 days ago and thought about getting a new one but words do not describe how happy I am with what I have!!!!

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Have to agree - the new Yaris is a bit tacky.

But the new Avensis - looking good so far !

I think Toy may have misread the market on the Yaris - I wouldn't be surprised if it changes again within the next year or so. On the upside all of you that have a nice T Sport etc. in the 'old' Yaris range can sit smug.

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