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Celica Engine Swap ?'s


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I have an 82' Celica ST. I have checked out a few early model celicas with raced out 22R's but I wasn't impressed with the power output compared to the money spent.

I have heard many many people swear by the popular 4AG motors, heard a few nicely tuned AE86's, and my conclusion is I want 4AG power.

Does anyone make a swap kit?

Has this been done before (prolly) if so then by who what where ect. (maybe a cool pic or 2)

Also who makes good suspension kits for these cars, roll cages, cooler bumpers and maybe a widebody kit. I am mainly thinking about drift type driving (thus the cheap ***** celica) and rally/autocross.

Any type of info on racing these cars would be of great help. Thanks.

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Ive heard that a 20r/22 hybrid makes loads of power, check out lcengineering.com

Is urs a RA40 or RA60? If i were u, id stick a 18RG in..... dont know about the crossmembers. Theirs lots of kits in the U.S to Turbo.

If u want a 4AG get a 4AG-ZE... think www.fensport.co.uk will supply them.

What are ur goals.

how much power do u want to produce? a well worked 18RG will produce 300bhp. Dont know about the maximum power of a worked 4AG...

How much do u want to spend.

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I am looking to hit around 300+ HP with similar torque specs but I dont want the engine to be totally maxed out either.

My main goal is to build the celica to beat all these friggin civics which seem to be like flies in africa.

I am looking to spend in the neighborhood of 2-4k on the motor but if theres an easier cheaper way to achieve this goal im ok with that also :)

Where can I get the info on the hybrids? also this 18RG motor.

As much info as I have on what kind of celica I have is that it is a 1982 Celica ST with 22R motor in RWD configuration with 5 speed manual tranny.

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