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Alloy Wheels...


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Help me!!! .....

I've been trying to locate a set of alloys (ideally I would like Kosei Sniper 17")for my badger killing MR2... but all I get is really unhelpful kn*bs from suppliers I have found on the net. :angry:

I would like to get my shiney new wheels before Japfest and I wondered if any of you know of a wheel supplier nearby, like Bristol or Swindon, where I can go and view some wheels this weekend. Please don't mention Halfords, as they only employ numpties who don't even know what a wheel is! :wacko:

I have just been advised of my sales bonus for hitting target in the last quarter... and I can even afford them and everything!!! :D

So far the searching has all been rubbish and absulotely no fun at all!!! :(

A disappointed Badger :(

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I thought you had found the alloys you were after ?

If you haven't drop a reply and I'll see what I can find :) :) :)

What rubber are you putting on them, Goodyear F1's are well worth the extra pennies and getting all 4 of course you get the extra discount :)

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Well, I thought I had, but I finally got in touch with the supplier today and they hadn't even ordered them for me!! raarrrr. He said that I wouldn't get them in time for the 17th either. How rubbbish!! and worst of all he didn't ever try to help.

Right, the ones they were going to get for me were: Kosei Sniper

2 x 17"x7j (front) and 2x 17"x8j (rear)

tyres: 215x40x17 (front) and 235x40x17 (rear)

The inclusive cost was just under £700 including balancing, delivery, chrome valves and locking nuts, which seemed a bargain!!

I was only going put cheaper tyres on as I rearly take her out in the rain and she's garaged all winter. So I never saw the point in spending good money on a brand.

I'm all fed-up now, I wanted her to look all stylish and sexy at Japfest.... :(

So I'd like to visit a supplier over the weekend, so I can be sure I'l have them in time.

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Thanks John!!!

I'm going to see them this week!!

They were very helpful on the phone.... cool, I may have new boots for my baby in time for the 17th!!!

Badger Girl

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RYAN!!!!!!! :angry:

You are so nasty.. I'm going to punch you when I next see you!!!!

... and to think I offered to help you clean your 2 on the day, so it looks all shiney for the film crew!! well it can just stay looking rubbish!!!

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I'm so sowwwy :lol:

I thought it was amusing :)

Certain things going on atm that means am not 100% sure the MR2 will be at Japfest now :angry: :( :angry:

I will be there no matter what as I can blag a ride from Oxford, I'll know by the end of the week.

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Am taking the drastic action of taking my other baby (Nakamichi SoundSpace 5) to The Trade Exchange tomorrow to try and sell it :(

There £800 new now so should give me enough as second hand in mint condition, boxed with remote's to get me to JapFest, if not it isn't being sold !!

Hopefully should be there with car, if not will bring my elbow grease and TLC to help clean your little 'un....

We'll see what happens tomorrow....

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Thanks Ryan

I'm going to get wheelies this afternoon... I can't wait, this morning is just dragging so much! My credit card is at the ready and everything!!

I just had to clean her last night so she'll all sexy.

The blokey there said I should just have 215/40's all round??!! I was confused, as I really want 235 on the back, so I will actually have to insist when I get there. I'm not settling for thinnnies on the back, when she has 225's at the moment. Do you think he was wrong to suggest it?

Badger :P

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