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Toyota Prado (junior Landcruiser)


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I have a 1997 Prado (I'm not sure what it's called in different parts of the world but is essentially a junior Landcruiser).

The bonnet Badge has become loose and is driving me crazy. This may seem a stupid question but how do I tighten it? Do I need any special tools?

The bonnet Badge is the type that sits on top of the bonnet (!?!) and is the Toyota emblem (in the way the old Mercedes badges used to be positioned).

With the hood up and looking up underneath the Badge there appears to be a spring, then a sleeve then the hood itself with the badge on top of it. Access from underneath the badge is very tight!!

The part of the badge that sits above the hood has a small panel at the base that appears as though it can be removed but I have not been able to get it out for fear of breaking it!!

Any clues what to do out there?????

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