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Reading Data From 7a-fe Ecu


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Hi all!

I have a Brazilian assembled 99' Toyota Corolla.

It have a 7A-FE Motor and a Z15 platform.

I'm a computer science guy, and I'm also planning to get a computer on my car.

I was searching the net about the 7A-FE ECU, but I couldn't find anything around.

Does any one knows something about it's ECU and a way that I could read the data into my computer, possibly by a serial port?

Have anyone done that? It would act as a on-board computer, reading the engine status and others.

Thanks for your help!

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I'm also studying a computing course at uni, and also have studied electronics in the past.

I've often worndered about this sort of stuff, but never really managed to find much out about it. I guess manufacturers of this kinda stuff don't wanna go handign their spec-sheets about.

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An PS here...

I need only some info on where the ECU is located and if it works on serial port or anithing like that.

If it has a serial port output, then I can connect my computer to it and, by reverse-engeneering the data, I can make a program to pubik it.

Perhaps some one who was already worked on a toyota dealer could answer this, since I think they do check the car's ECU when it comes back to the dealer. (Or do they rely only on that Diagnosis port? Perhaps that is too conected to the ECU and there is a serial output? Who knows?).

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