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03 Yaris T-sport , What's Changed?


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I'm about to buy a Yaris T-Sport but I can't decide whether to go for a new facelift model or the 'old' model. Can anyone clarify what has changed on the new model ? My dealer doesnt have any in stock so I've only seen the old model.

I know the lights , bumper and dash have changed slightly, but is that it???

The only things I didn't like about the old one I test drove was the steering wheel and gearknob needed to be chunkier, and the seats were annoying because they didn't go back to the position they started from when you let someone in the back. I wonder if these issues have been addressed ????

Please help :wacko:


P.S A 6th gear and a turbo would be nice as well, but not much chance of that!

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I've been talking to my local dealer about ordering up a new model T-Sport, but they're telling me that it doesn't come with traction control or vehicle stability control (as listed on toyota.ee, toyota-europe.com).

Anyone else got any info about the availability of these features in the UK? Are they standard, optional or just not available?

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Neither are listed in the "New Yaris" brochure given to me by my local dealer yesterday, not as options or standard equipment. So I guess they're not availbale on UK models. :(

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well folks, looks like we're out of luck.

my dealer got their t-sport showroom car in today - looking at the manual reveals that the space for the TRC control button is blanked off. they've also contacted various people in toyota and it must not have made it to the UK spec. the new sales literature also makes no mention - not even as an option, which seems insane.

it annoys the hell out of me - how come most of europe seems to get it and we don't? they can go shove the *manual* sunroof where the sun doesn't shine, and put in some useful systems instead :P

not that keen on the new look yet - almost totally black interior, and the control buttons are more rectangular. noticed a few things, like the cd power and eject buttons feeling tackier (not using microswitches).

they also haven't revised the dodgy looking analogue dashboard, still has the 'stuck-on' fuel and odometer digital display. standard Yaris digital dash looks vastly better.

new air vents look good though - totally flat plastic covers until opened, and silver trim. not bad in some ways, but i expected more.

exterior is interesting - has color coded 'inserts' on the bumpers which stand out quite a bit, not convinced if this is a good thing yet. also has a different shade of gray on the bottom of the rear bumper, along with 2 fog lights either side of the number plate (showroom car was 'thunder grey'), and the alloys look well in comparison to my old SR ones. exhaust is also fairly subtely recessed into the bumper.

having said that, order for my new t-sport will still be going in tomorrow :D

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