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Trading up to Mk III Supra Turbo?


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Hello all from a new board member :) Very impressed with what I have seen of the site so far :)

The reason I post is that I currently run a Nissan 200sx (1990) and am toying with the idea of upgrading to a Mk III Supra Turbo, preferably a manual. The plus sides seem to be sticking with rwd, sticking with turbo power and a relatively cheap purchase price. Perceived down sides are size and running costs?

I’m also wondering is how much of a performance difference, (if any given the extra weight) I would notice compared to a lightly modded sx? Mine is probably putting out (very aproximately) 200bhp (169 standard so I think I am being realistic). How easy is the Turbo Mk III to mod and what power could I expect for a modest outlay (say £500 which is more than I have spent so far on the 200sx)?

I post fairly often on the SX board (SXOC.com) and know the consensus of opinion over there, but was wondering what take on things you guys would have?

Any thoughts appreciated :)

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Hi mate,

Main advantages are you get a 6cyl engine, fairly bulletproof if you look after it and around £500 will net you in the region of 280bhp. Plus you get leather, climate control, cruise control etc etc. Mine is much more confy than a 200 for long distance.

Downsides are car is considerably heavier than sx, they do use more fuel (to be expected 3litre as against 1.8), parts can work out expensive if you aren't careful, and head gasket can be a sore point.

My brother has a 200 (s13) and I wouldn't swap my Supra for it.

The Supra is a more solid car, fast and comfortable, but look carefully.

Take a look over on www.mkiiisupra.net for more help/info

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You should also join UK Supras on www.supras.co.uk

You'll probably struggle to find a manual. However the auto is just as much fun, and will beat a manual down the drag strip.

First thing to do is decat (fit a Mongoose exhaust), Saab BOV (the factory one will be knackered) and a decent induction kit.

Things to watch for: Blown Head Gasket. (symptoms - gurgling behind dash, very white exhaust gas, oil in water, evidence that the car has overheated and blown water out of the overflow bottle, white gunk in radiator, watch temp gauge when test driving - should go to slightly under half way and stay there)

Also check rear wheel arches for rust - this can spread a long way under.

Plus side: performance, style, comfort, power.....

Down side: less than 20mpg urban, spares are expensive



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Why do you need a kit?

It's pretty easy to get flames on a 200sx really, DV and zorst usually does it, otherwise upping boost and I think some people have added better fuel pumps.

Flames aren't that important, just surprised if it's harder to get them on a Supra than it is on a 200sx??

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I think the main reason you can get flames out of a 200sx and not so easily from a Supra is that the 200sx generally overfuels on the over-run and if chipped definitely does. Also the turbo is mounted v.lowdown so the exhaust path is almost straight and quite short from turbo to rear tip. Also I think atmospheric dumpvalves help from an overfuelling point of view.

I think the Supra's ECU is quite a bit more adaptive and so doesn't overfuel as badly. BOV is a recirc type and exhaust is longer. Turbo mounting is also different being more of a topmount install, plus there's an elbow in th way, so probably more restriction.

That said, I wouldn't swap my Supra for an S13, not unless it was Matt Scoldings RB25 powered one:D

The Supra is a different car to the 200. Both great cars but aimed at totally different markets. You can mod a MK3 to around 400hp for about 3-4k. It'll do this reliably all day long for a long time. Must have one of the most over engineered engines around (once you've swapped the HG for an HKS metal one)

Oh stuff it, just buy one and enjoy !! :D:D

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