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My Seo - The New Elvis Imperonator


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Hey guys,

sum1 must be able to help me with this....

recently my cars revs have started to "stick" - its like no matter what gears im in, if i put my foot down the rev counter goes mad but there is no actuall throttle response! eventually the revs start to calm down and the engine gets upto spped, so the two meet in the middle and everything is ok til i change gear.

i can be doin 20mph in 4th and still have the revs push 4500rpm!

does this mean my cluth is about to go? :wacko:

also, sumtimes when i go to pull off in first, its like the car has lost its biting point and shakes like its about to stall... dont get me wrong, im not a crappy driver with no clutch control, its just the car is like elvis when its cold!

(ive used to word like a lot in this post, so i'll just like shut up and like stop now) :)

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oh by the way i just noticed... the wheels in my avatar are in perfect synch! :D what are the chance of that happenin when the pic was taken of me pissin bout rallying the car in the local park's car park...

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sounds like your clutch is toast.

Put the hand brake on and pull away easily, if the car squats down hard then your getting drive to the wheels if it just sits there get a new clutch. :)

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That to me sounds like a clutch going.....

If the rev's are rising and the car isn't moving the clutch isn't biting....

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DAMN! :angry:

but then it only really happens when the engine isnt up to temperature... maybe is the choke?

stupid car, it has to go wrong just before i order my new one dont it! oh well...

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if it only does it when cold it may be a very slight oil leak onto the clutch plate as as things heat up it burns off.

I used to get a judder pulling away from cold but only for the first few mins from startup, took ages to work out what it was !

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cheers unity!

i think it is that cos my oil was pretty low last time i checked. i'll keep an eye on how much it burns.

i hope it is that, cos a new cluth will hurt my nights out on the java :P

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