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Cleaning My Fujisubo Power Getter


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i know this has been covered before, but my fujitsubo has gone a yukky gold colour and has brown patches on it. basically it looks tatty! i need to clean it but dont know how and am worried about scratching it or something..

ive heard people mention autosol? wot is this and where can u get it from? what should i use to clean it? a brush? cloth? wot?

please help!



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Autosol is a top product for cleaning crome. I let it dry for a couple of minutes after applying and then use a lot of elbow grease and a soft cotton rag to get it real shiny. Turn the rag around so you don't always use the same area of it, otherwise you only end up smearing open the Autosol you took off on the area you're buffing.


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yup a tube of Autosol from Halfrauds should bring it up nicely!

top tip!! give it a quick wipe with the spray version of Windolene! it gets rid of any grease and cack off it first.

if dust mixes in with autosol it acts a bit like a cutting paste which can leave a misty effect on the steel

the Windolene drags that off!

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