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I have an organic clutch on my 2 but don’t know how many miles its covered as it was in there when it came to the UK but I do not have to pump the clutch to get first when cold, what have you got fitted in her mate?

I am having G'Box problems at the mo and I maybe taking her in to have it seen to, while they have it stripped I am thinking about replacing the clutch depending on cond etc what would you recommend?

I cannot se me ever putting more than 300BHP through the box, I would prefer a reasonable pedal feel that’s not well heavy as i do have to travel in traffic and i don’t want to end up with one leg looking like Arnys and then other like shaggy's

Cheers Dave :thumbsup:

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I'm on my 3rd gearbox now :ph34r:

there not the strongest i've seen.

My clutch is a Helix 4 Paddle Cerametallic Sprung Centred Drive Plate with a 30% Uprated Cover assembly and i've got a findanza lightened Flywheel on there too.

Cant say a bad thing about them, It's taken a beating from me and stood up well so far :thumbsup:

The clutch pedal is actually lighter than when it was standard :wacko:

but you do stumble off at traffic lights unless you put a little weight onto the accelerator.

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yip... I sometimes have issues getting into reverse/first.

It actually says somewhere in the manual if you do, just put the clutch down again and it should be ok. Generally usually is.

I also have an uprate clutch. Exedy single plate racing clutch. Also get chatter on light throttle when taking off etc. My clutch has also taken a good battering from me. 7000rpm launches anyone ??... lol.

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does the 2 have the rubber bushes for gear changes on the change rod like the celica does on the gearbox, you can get brass ones for better exchanges.

dave if you have to pump it up , have you checked the piston and fluid levels on the clutch ????

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