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What Is An Immaculate Tailgate Worth?


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4 weeks ago i paid 30 quid for a poor condition gti boot complete with spoiler and a load of rust, wiper motor and wiper arm (not working). yours shoud be about the same simply cos theres no spoiler which is what would put the price up

I will disagree with you, Gary. Only because most people with GTi's are after a rear door because theirs is rusted through and they will already have a spoiler. Finding a rear door in mint rust-free condition is very rare.

The other scenario is some young pre-pubescent idiot has a GL that want's it to look like a GTi - then of course they'd like the spoiler included. As you can tell I am strongly against people making thier cars out to be something they are not :P

I think £50 - £60 would be a fair price, but would need to include working wash-jet and a wiper :yes:

I was going to buy this door, but fell short of the money and had to do a DIY job on my tailgate - which actually looks pro now (quite chuffed with my work) B)

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brand new ones without glass or trims are only £50 from panel shops ? and lets face it the trim and glass doesnt rot so you can swap it over after you've painted.

dunno if that helps, i reckon £50 is a fair price for yours and i really need to free up some cash. Damn lowrider.

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