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Group Buy On Professional Quality Detailing Kits


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I have often posted on here about the high quality detailing products we can source, such as Klasse and P21S.

I have spoken to our American detailing partners, and we can offer two separate packages.

Package 1 - $61.16 (£34.02)

Klasse All in One Polish

P21S Carnuba Wax

Sonus Gloss Shampoo

Sonus Carnuba Spritz

Sonus Buffing Towel

Package 2 - $52.16 (£29.01)

Klasse All in One Polish

Klasse Sealant Glaze

Sonus Gloss Shampoo

Sonus Carnuba Spritz

Sonus Buffing Towel

A special shipping rate has also been negoiated - $30 (£16.69) shipping to your door.

These are superb prices, a full 25% saving on the normal retail price.

We need 15 members to qualify for the group buy - about have 11 signups already, so only another 4 required.

These are excellent products - I have personally used the Klasse and P21S products, and they are simply outstanding.

Package #1 is probably more suitable to someone who wants a great look from a polish and wax - Klasse AIO and P21S work really well, and give a deep, wet look shine.

Package #2 would be the one I recommend. Klasse sealant glaze is brilliant.

It really enhances the shine that the All In One gives you, will act as a paint woork protector, and will reduce future detailing to a wash and spray with the carnuba spritz.

its a bit more work though - you really need to apply multiple layers of the product to get the best results.

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OK - latest position is;

Signups to date

Package #1

Richard Baker (LOCUK)

taspland (LOCUK)

Steve (LOCUK)


Package #2

Steve_Walter (LOCUK)

Wosket (LOCUK)

jaybo (LOCUK)

norkep (LOCUK)

Gord Hutchinson (LOCUK)

peter026 (LOCUK)

jjf946 (LOCUK)

ad77 (LOCUK)

supracharged (LOCUK)

jiberjaber (LOCUK)

dlayen (LOCUK)

so - this should go ahead.

I have just emailed our suppliers to confirm everything is hunky dory :D

Prices at todays date are;

Pack #1 - $61.31 / £32.64

Pack #2 - $52.31 / £27.85

Everyone must be aware that these products are being imported from the US, so a possibility exists that you may be charged VAt and import duties.

However, no-one who has ordered from here has ever been charged these

I shall post some more links shortly, which will hopefully help everyone with the use of these products, especially the sealant glaze :winky:

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