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Internet Explorer/firefox


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i had to put xp back on this morning as computer kept restarting when loading up.

i now have firefox explorer, i was jus wonderiin how i set it as deafult?

such as when someone posts a link, i want it to open in firefox not internet explorer. Also the same with msn messenger when opening emails?

thanks :)

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Firefox !Removed! rocks!

Just now and then on some sites the dynamic drop down menus dont work,


Vehicle Make - Select Toyota from drop down

Vehicle Model - This is still empty

Most of them seem to be okay though.

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ah it didnt work for the hotmail though!! it works on links! il restart and see if that helps!

NOPE still doesnt work on messenger!!

its part of messengers code to open links in Internet explorer...

eg. its open htpp://hotmail.com with IE

not open htpp://hotmail.com with defualt browser

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If you are useing msn because you don't like outlook express... try getting Thunderbird for your e-mails and set it up to check your msn message account?

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firefox is a different browser to IE, IE is a very insecure browser and has a lot of security risks associated with it, other browsers such as firefox (www.mozilla.org) and opera (www.opera.com) tend to be a lot more secure, i.e. ur less likely to get stuff that will mess up ur PC. Other browsers also tend to be a lot more respectful of web standards but thats a different issue. Ive used both opera IE and firefox and i would say imo i think opera is the best but have a try at firefox and opera see which one is best for you.

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