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New Stuff With Pix


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:D new things which you havent seen:

Pic 1 - Inside car, slightly darkish, lookin through tinted and untinted window

Pic 2 - Pipercross induction kit

Pic 3 - Side on view of car lowered -40mm

Pic 4 - Rear end view of car lowered -40mm

Pic 5 - In front wheel arch, view of spring

Pic 6 - Back left view of spring

Pic 7 - Rear end view of springs

Pic 8 - New JBL Speakers

Pic 9 - Close up of speaker


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That doesn't look like it's been lowered that much...maybe it's just me! Everything else looks great though!

looks alot better on the back end :yes:

all yarii look like moon buggys till ample lowering has been carried out

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yeh jaxx, i wanted the handles and mirrors colour coded sometime. But not in a rush.

i guess its just the pix, but my car was one of those yaris's where it was quite high! i wouldnt have mind it being lowered an additional 2cm sometime. But it looks good when no-ones in it, and looks better if someones sitting in it. Limo black tint, so like god, 80/90%?

no trouble from the police about the tights, i mean lights. LMAO! Light shines through easily. But still makes lights tinted, and gos with windows! JBLs are amazing imo!! Tweeters are fantastic, look great, 330w max 110w rms, good bass - link: http://caraudiosecurity.com/catalog/produc...roducts_id+2194

eventually i want 16" alloys, mille miglia evo 5 - £790 lol!! my next mod is a tte rear spoiler soon hopefully. Then in april hopefully some t sport/tte/asd skirts. not sure which.

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Looking good breezer, my Pipercross is still looking great after all this time! :lol:

My car is so low at the front I hit nearly all speed bumps, most pavements and when I have mates in my car, I randomly hit the front bumper even going over wee tiny bumps in the road! More trouble than its worth tbh! :wacko:

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Hi mate,

car looks better now. Some tasteful mods. I am still wondering what i can do for my rear lens...if not tights. The engine looks good also with the OMP strut brace and pipercross.

By the way, did u have any problem fitting the pipercross? We are having problems with cone air filters here. When we replace the stock air filter and add a cone one like you, we get engine check light on. Two of our cars in the club got that problem .I am still scared :( to change mine. Any help will be welcomed.

Keep up the good work. Car looks really better.



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