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How Do I Fix Over-sensitive Alarm?


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Help!! Just purchased a 2003 Avensis Estate. Problem is that alarm goes off all the time. I searched Internet and see some comments about reducing sensitivity of Avensis car alarm by "accessing a black box under a panel". Can anyone help me by throwing more light onto this and advise in more detail how to do this ? Dealer is useless and uninterested. Thanks in advance.- Nigel

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Don' know about black boxes but try turning off the switch on the overhead console that disables the internal sensor, the one that you use if you leave dogs or kids in the car. It's next to the rear view mirror by the overhead light switches. That should at least narrow the cause down.

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dont keep anything metallic in car near centre console do u, if so take it out & see if it fixes

Why ???? Just curious how it affects the alarm system

Sends tha alarm off due to a reflection in rays of the interior protection

Keys & coins are the main culprit near the gear lever

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