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My Luck With Cars


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as u all no, i have been a bit...unlucky with cars lol.....well 2nite it got even worse....was doing deliverys for a chineese restraunt in town, and all of a sudden my clio (temp car) decided to stop moving, was dricving and the throttle wouldnt move her, not even first gear, she rolled to a stop and cut off. then i started her up again...was fine.....then i tried to accelerate and she just died out....every time...so then i was blocking a main road so i had to get out, push my car up a hill (only about a 5-10 degree hill) was difficult enough.....800 yards i hada push it, upihill....alone....with people drivin behind.....

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Bad luck Barry, at least when you break down while working you won’t go hungry, you can always eat the food you where suppose to deliver while the recovery comes out to fix your car!

Can’t waste a good Chinese :D

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