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93 Paseo/cynos 4efte Or 3sgte Swap

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heres the thing im ****** of that everyone woops my butt out there when i race i got a 93 pase 5efe with headers, straight through exhaust, and a short ram intake. im thinkin of doing the 4efte engine swap actually i duuno if i can use my tranny with the 4efte engine or use the head of the 4efte and make my car turbo charged. 3sgte conversion i think is just a little expensive hehe but i dunno what do u guys suggest

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would it give me more horse power than the starlet ? but whatever im just tired of people beating me would a starlet engine be enough to beat an Acura Integra LS? cause thats beating me right now. if not what other alternatives would i have for an engine swap one time i was thinking 4AGE 20 valve but i was looking for something with a turbo.

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doh I replied to your post on the us forum

Do you want something with boost? or specifically turbo charged?

Cos the 4a-gze will haul.. supercharged 1.5 or 1.6L can't remember.. but what's 100mL :P You have to have the engine mounts fabricated though

Otherwise a 3s-gte, 2L turbo

If you want it quick and easy, go the turbo starlet cos it does bolt in. Throw a little money into it and it'll turn out nicely. Then again, get the 3s-gte for a little more, start off with 120 more bhp and throw money into that to make it a feared and respected tyre shredder

Try to get a front cut when you buy an engine too... to ensure you get the ecu, wiring harness, transmission with the engine. Some places may have a "boost kit" which will have your upgraded brakes, axles, etc that you will need

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