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seveer unaek

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Finally got my car looked at today... few things needed doing, and most have been solved.... i hope!

1. Squeeky brakes (again!!!!) - They took em off, cleaned them and put some lubricant stuff on - FIXED

2. Very bad knocking noise coming from passenger footwell - I need a new shock, but have to wait until it's in - NOT FIXED (yet!)

3. Clutch is heavy and rubbery when disengaging (only when it's raining/wet) - Apparantly nothing wrong, it still does it - NOT FIXED

4. Driver's seat squeeking - Lubricant - FIXED

5. Brakes not feeling right - air in fluid, has been bled - FIXED

6. Suspension creaking badly - All been greased and checked - FIXED (except for front passenger side which is to be done when new shock is put on)

I think that was it! Now all iv got to do is wait for this new shock!

Im glad that's all it was, as iv heard it can be play in the steering column!

Anybody else had any problems like this? Im especially wondering about the clutch... not sure what could be casuing it.... especially since it's only when it's raining.

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how many miles has it done?


what's this... problems with a jap car? SURELY not! :lol:

hope you get it sorted

So do i! and yeah, i know.... probs on my trusty jap machine! darn it!

they put lubricant on the brakes? :)

one hell of a ride downhill somewhere

That's what i thought when they said it! But apparantly, it's not what it sounds, it's some special stuff, and it does still stop ok with no squeeks now. But if they errupt again, i think it's fair that i get new brakes!

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I was under the impression that shock absorbers SHOULD be changed as a pair

(both front at the same time) so as to ensure that the damper rates are equal :thumbsup:

Not sure on that one... think they might be changing the lot as the fronts cause noise, and in the booklet with the checks they've done that they gave me, they put that rear shocks are on 'amber' which is an advisory as apparntly they're noisey too... never noticed that... front knocking drowns it out... it's sooooo annoying!! Can't wait until it's fixed!

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