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1491 Bhp Supra Anyone


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I was stood next to the engine on a 20 year old modified 911 turbo when it pushed out 470bhp... and i thought that was insane.. the noise etc.. i thought the engine was going to explode! :ph34r::eek:

now that Supra has over 3 tiems the power... you would have to be a brafe man to stand near the engine bay while its on the rollers! :lol:

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Titans has even more HP than that. Pushing 1600 now i believe  :eek:
i cant see that being real.

Just cuz its not a Skyline :P Only kidding dude :thumbsup:

not at all, i just cant see that kind of dyno being able to measure such a high figure. i have seen GTR's and 200sx getting massive wheel spin on those dynos and they were full of ppl, people in the boot, people in the car. that was with about 600BHP. if it was on a Dyna-Pak were the dyno is attached to the hubs then it might have been a bit more believable. also the expressions on some off the guys faces would seem to suggest that the dyno was setup to give a false reading.

i could be wrong tho :ph34r::lol: :P

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