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Import SAT Nav and TV systems??


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I too am looking for a UK CDRom for my Sat Nav on my Estima. The entertainment system is also fitted with a television receiver but as the Japense receive TV signals via a system known as NTSC and us Brits use a system known as PAL, you are unlikely to get UK reception. To my knowledge there are no adaptions that will change the system over to PAL. If you know of a owners handbook in English for a Toyota Original car audio system 36004 KNT5180 then please let me know. :help::help::help:

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On 9/2/2002 at 2:48 PM, dave_mr2t said:

MY '94 MR2 Turbo came with a CD/MD/Sat Nav/TV/DVD player but the TV and SAT Nav don't work due to them being for Japan.

Does anyone know if you can have these things fiddled with to recieve UK TV signals and get the Sat nav working???

Hi Dave did you get any further with this enquiry. I am looking for the same! UK fireware to connect my phone to display its features, sat nav etc.

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