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What Skirts Should I Buy?


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I'm not going to buy the toms skirts (even though i really like them)

because everyone has them now...

So, options please!!

I have a bomex front and Phoenix Power "Style" Rear Splitters

Also i should have either an autopista or rev 3 rear spoiler

so something that will fit in with this lot please.... :thumbsup:

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Not the Veilside ones anyway, dont think that would really work

The Bomex ones are probably top of my list because they will fit in with the front.

dont really want to go wild if you know what i mean

Saw these on eBay...Clicky

They are still available from the company for £150 + P&P

Dont get the front wing extension's with them though (in the pic of the black one)

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does anyone make copies of the Greddy skirts?

Watch this space - we have a set with Russ as we speak, probably be a couple of weeks off yet though....


What sort of price are we looking at for them Matt??

I'll be very interested :thumbsup:

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