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Livestrong Wrist Band


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I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing that they've become a 'trend' ...

as you quite rightly point out, it all helps to raise the profile of the cause :)

Lance Armstrong is a hero, nearly died from cancer then came back to being arguably the best cyclist in the world.

It's nice that he's got this foundation, and I believe nike are trying to raise £5million for the fund too.


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Theres so many cancer charities now that its hard when you cant donate to all of them. I did consider getting one from eBay, but you can never quite tell if they will donate the full amount or not to the cause :(

Instead I donate every month to Cancer Research & Macmillan (as my mum and my stepmum have both passed away from cancer) and they were a fantastic help to us throughout it all, so I know my money is going to be used very very well :)

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Correct me if I'm wrong but are they those yellow wrist bands? I have seen quite a few people wearing them on my travels. I was always wondering what they are. So now i know :D


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