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Locked Out Of My Car Again!


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Further to my recent post


i was locked out of my car again :ffs:, this happened 1 week after the previous lock out.

I had not entered my car for about 3 days as i was sick as a dog, and on the previous lock out, had not entered it for 2-3 days. Might this have been the problem that the system had been idle for a while??

This time the light on the keyfob stayed lit constantly. I tried to synchronize it, that did not work and the light stayed lit. The other keyfob would not work either.

So now what? I'm hammered!!

After a lot of brain storming i opened the keyfob and took out the Battery. After a few minutes i replaced it and the light had gone out. So back to the car and a few prayers later the car opened, phew!!

Now to this week. Not locked out but all week i had to press the button on the keyfob several times and at times very hard to get the car opened. Where is the sensor located? As i thought it might be it needing cleaned or sommit. I opened the keyfob and pulled out the connecters a bit that connect to the ends of the Battery so as to make a better connection and that had worked, 1 press and the car opens, for now anyway.

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