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Lambda Sensors


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My CDX has the fault light on and I've been told by the dealer that its a problem in the o2 system and that a sensor probably needs to be changed

The car has done 41000 and I dont wish to pay Toyota prices so I had a look on the just lambda web site and its not listed,I emailed the part numbers to them but there reply was that I'm afraid the Avensis 1998cc is not listed in either the NTK or Bosch catalogues, and neither have a cross reference to the numbers you have


Now it may be I got the numbers wrong as they were difficult to read does anyone know what they are?

Also there are two sensors on the car and both have different numbers so has anyone tested them using a multimeter as described on the lamda website?

as I dont really want the expense of changing both of them.

Your help will be appreciated


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try doing a search for SAP motorsports, can't remember the website address, they supply universal lamda's, i got mine for the celica for about £30 delivered.

usually you'll have a lamda before the CAT and a CAT temp sensor after the CAT. but there are cars with more than one lamda

hope this helps

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