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Pi 40mm Lowering Springs - Help


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I recently fitted a set of 40mm Pi lowering springs to my n/a uk '94 MR2

Now, I am sure the car wasn't lowered prior to the installation but for some reason it sits at about the same height.I know what your thinking - oh I bet it was already lowered. Well, I checked the technical data and the standard ground clearance is 135mm. I measured my ground clearance and it comes in at 130mm. So I got a 5mm drop. :(

I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on what to do next.

I spoke to the company that sold them and they have given me the return address for Pi. However, I am not going to return them because I have already paid to have them fitted and I am not going to pay another 2 times to have them removed and then re-fitted again for obvious reasons.

Has anyone lowered their MR2 40mm, do you have a photo that I can compare with? Am considering taking it to Toyota? Any ideas.


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I heard somewhere on imoc I think, that sometimes your old springs were so worn that they had lowered over time, so your car was actually lower -40mm than when it should have been. Does that make any sense? I 'll try and find the topic.



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I put -40mm PI lowering springs on my Seat Ibiza about a year ago and it literally slammed the car + they went even lower (-50 mm)when they'd settled. Give it a week and they might make your car rest lower than before, if not take them back.

Also, you know that lowering springs f@@K ya (ive forgot the name of the part of the suspension that the spring rests on!!! :blink: ). I had to replace the suspension after 1 year of use as they were nakkrd on these springs. Apartently the standard shock are designed for the specific spring, thus putting a tighter spring = more force applied as they dont absorbe the shock = crack!!!

It mite be wise to send them back, save and buy a full system.


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Nice one for pic.

To be fair mine is not far off that. If i give it a few more days it could get there


Handling loads better now, stiffer, feel the road better, responds better into the bends. Makes me wonder how goos a proper set would be..............

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