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Who Is Running 235/40/17's On 7x17's?


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I knwo a few mr2 lads are but what do they make of them?? would they do it again??

What are the bad points that you have come across? im looking to get some rims but cant afford the 8x17's but still want 235's on the rear...

in an idea world you would be able to get 225/40/17 but you cant! :crybaby:

any help would be much appreciated! :yes:

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i think 235's would 'balloon' on the edges on 7j's???

and i suppose this could be potentially dangerous (maybe)?

and itll look a little daft!

wait a week or two bud, save a couple more $$'s and get some 8Js

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I am it's fine, doesnt ballon at all or look daft

This is Stu8 on Mazda boys's PC

well there ya go!

ill ge my coat and a pint :hokus-pokus:


by the way.. forgot to ask.. You running the same profile as what i stated above?

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i'm runnin' 235/40/17 on my 7j's

looks fine

handles sweet

nice one... well the rims and tyres have been ordered now.. and ive put a deposit down.. just need to wait till the 15th.. for pay day.. and i should have them a couple of days after that.. :D

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