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Fed Up Of Marketing Cold Callers?


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Now, I'm aware you can 'stop' the telesales by paying BT a fee, but i've heard it doesnt stop all of them...

Whereas, after a little searching around Trading Standards, it turns out, legislation introduced on 1st May 1999 and replaced on 11th December 2003 by the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, makes it unlawful to make unsolicited direct marketing calls to individuals who have indicated that they do not want to receive such calls.

This page has the following links to services which you can register to state you do not want to recieve unsolicited marketing - making it illegal for companies to do so.

(which you can tell them if they still call)

Register here to stop recieving unsolicted mail

Register here to stop recieving unsolicted calls

Register here to stop unsolicted emails (okay, im a little skeptical about this one too!)

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Yeah we signed up with the Telephone Preference Service soon after we moved into our house as practically a week or so after we had moved we were already getting phone calls for double glazing, life insurance, save £'s on your phone bills etc etc - and they knew us by name already!

Now we have only had one or two calls since registering and all we have to do is mention we are registered with the TPS and they are incredibly apologetic and hang up!

Its great! No more nuisance calls! :thumbsup: :D

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How can you stop the automated guys calling you though.  In-fact the latest ones use some sort of 'sexy' female voice.

"Hi... I'm Andrea and am calling to let "

You cant talk back to a message!!!

Thats a good point - we have them call us at work - the ones that say....

"Congratulations - you have just won a holiday for four people to Hawaii......."

You cant stop them, as its automated, you just have to hang up!

Some of those automated ones are reverse charge aswell arent they? Or so I heard anyway....?

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I'm with TPS as we used to get loads of calls but they all stopped after we signed up, top job :thumbsup:

Oh there was one that got through recently about 9pm the other night. They said they were doing a survey to see what type of calls people wanted to recieve!

Needless to say i wasn't very polite :censor:

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Our offices get messages left on weekends when obviously no one is going to be there... The messages are quite clever and sound like a real person. The "person" on the other end "makes mistakes" and corrects them in a bid to convince you he is for real as his his scamming deal <_<

Bussinesses are not really protected from the EC directive as a lot of businesses are listed on the net somewhere or another. It surprisingly easy to get a lot of details about various people they employ when you turn on the charm ;)

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yeah i still got this phone call the other day. It said International Caller on the caller display. So i answered it thinkin it was family i have i spain. After a 3 second pause after i said hello i got this American woman called Judy sayin she was from some holiday place sayin i have won an international cruise. She didnt get any further than that as i put the phone down :P

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