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5 Doors are practical if you have the car for a family run around. But it's 3 all the way for me, looks sportier IMO, and yep, spoil the lines of the car in certain cases (although I think a 5 door that's been de-handled at the back could be quite nice...)

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My last 5 door car I had I used the rear doors twice in 4 years!

They eventually started to rust as it’s another water trap. So now I buy 3 door cars.

I’m not bothered about getting in the back or how little room there is as I always sit in the front and drive :thumbsup:

If any passenger stars to moan about lack of space, they can always get the bus, in fact I will give them a lift to the nearest bus stop!

My car, my money, my choice.

I hate giving people lifts in the back; they show no respect, dirty boot marks, twisted seat belts, crumbs on seats.

The Yaris is great as I slide the seat all the way forward so there’s no leg room so if anyone asks all I have to do is point and say

“You need to be a double amputee to get in the back of my car!”

Selfish? Yes! And I don’t care!


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Yep! Actually did that to one of my friends the other night. Started moaning about the car, so I slammed on the brakes (on a very quiet road), got out, opened his door and said 'Right it's a 10 minute walk to your house, I'm sure you need to stretch your legs'. Very harsh, I'll admit that, but I did get an apology the next day! Oh, and some petrol money, which was quite nice :thumbsup:

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3 door!

Iv had a couple of moaning ninnies in my car... i can't help being 6ft 3" and NO i can't move my seat forward! Catch the bus you lazy buggers!

One of brothers work friends was in the car (she's tiny... so no space complaints) but she said she hated Yaris, especially mine as it was trying to be sporty and was failing miserably. No guesses for how she got home.

Oh, it was 2am by the way... long wait for a bus love! (this was 12 miles from her house!) She hasn't spoken to me since...! Serves her right!

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she said she hated Yaris, especially mine 

No guesses for how she got home.

She hasn't spoken to me since...!

Love it!

People who scrounge lifts should NEVER criticize the car they are in!

Any car is better than no car, especially at 2 in the morning and it’s hissing down!


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I have a 3 door at the moment..and reading through everyone elses comments has made me realise that having 3 doors is fine for me cos I usually only have one passenger at a time, occasionally have two or three but usually it's one. And a certain Friend of my Mum moans about having to get out of my car awkwardly as it's a 3 door..maybe I should say "well you can always get a bus"..lol

Thanks TVOR for that idea ;)

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I've got a 5 door, but would prefer a 3 door.

3 doors looks nicer on cars and as said above the 5 door spoils the car, the only reason i've got a 5 door is because I could have had the car straight away, anything else was 2 weeks as it was just before christmas when I got my car.

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Some bigger cars suit five doors better. The three door versions look like they've forgotten to cut out the other two doors!

For the Yaris though it's got to be three doors as far as I am concerned.

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Right... well

I have a 5 door car... Yaz... and she rocks.... so :P to all you.

5 door cars are not just for families and kids... I dont have either.. not planning on it for a while!!

I do give a lot of people lifts in mine.. at lunchtimes... into town.. etc etc... also play taxi sometimes for family...

5 door cars in general hold their value better... I dont think it 'ruins the lines of the car' (well at least not in the case of the Yaris)

They are easier to clean the back seats and load up with ***** from uni :P

They are also safer... if you have an accident in a 5 door while carrying passengers... they can get out without having to shift the driver and front passenger first.

To all of you who want 3 doors cause

a ) you dont/cant use the back seats

b ) you want it to look sporty....

why not get a 2 seater car and be done with it? :P lol

(I am!)

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Nothing wrong with 5 doors JJ, each to their own to quote a phrase :D

Just to put a fly in the ointment to your comments:

I don’t play taxi :thumbsup:

It’s always clean so no need to clean the back seats (due to not using them!) :thumbsup:

Safer? No way, the Fire Service will just cut the roof off no matter how many doors you got :thumbsup:

It does look sporty! :thumbsup:


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Married with 3 kids.. 5 doors for me .. it's more practical for us that need practicality. :thumbsup:

It doesn't spoil the lines of the car i think both look just as good. :group-cuddles:

For a newly qualified driver it is cheaper to insure... 3 doors = hot hatch.. 5 doors = family saloon :)

But both 3 and 5 door cars serve different purposes for different people.. so i don't see how they can be compared... none is better than the other... unless the other is a Corsa ( pardon my language :()

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i would say 5 door for me. i only usually hav me and the mrs in the car but i hav a 15" roof mounted dvd screen and the 5 door gives u that much more room to get cosy and watch a film. the 7" sun visor screens just dont fit the budget. 5 door 4 me im afraid.

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