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New High Way Code Rules


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Excellent! :thumbsup:

I'd like to see another addition to the cycle rules.

57. Where cycle lanes have been built at enormous expense.

You must ride on the road, making it neccessary for vehicles to take avoiding action (preferably into the side/front of any other road user)

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Turning right. Before you turn right you should

    * completely ignore your mirrors

    * give a right-turn signal only when you have nearly finished braking

    * take up a position slap-bang in the middle of your side of the road

    * never leave room for other vehicles to pass on the left.


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Of course, they missed the section on mobile phones...

mobile phones

The law now states, it is unlawful to use a mobile phone while driving unless:

a. You have a properly installed in-car kit

b. it is secure and you have an appropriate headset

c. It was just a quick 2 minute call

d. Its a buisness call you couldnt miss

e. Your on the motorway

f. You are able to steer with your knee while changing gear

g. Your time is so precious, you couldnt possibly pull over for the duration of the call

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*snigger.... Classic...

"You MUST NOT indicate on a roundabout if

you were given your driving licence during the War

you've never questioned why people always sound their horn at you on roundabouts

you can't be bothered to read the section about how to indicate on roundabouts

you are a selfish individual who couldn't give a damn about other drivers whose own actions depend upon your signal. "

AKA BMW Drivers? :P



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Good Stuff!!!! :thumbsup:

While we are on the highway code.. Am I corect in thinking you are not meant to slow down for an animal unless it:

1, exceeds the size of a barkingdeer,

2, is kept for someone lively hood, i.e. farm animal

A small scotty dog ran into my path today, on my own private drive, I stopped, but decided it would have been better to mow it over and bill the irresponsable owner for any damage, would I have been entitled to do this???

I hate small yappy dogs :arrgg-matey:

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