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Noisy Stomach


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Gah i dont know what i ate yesterday, but last night my stomach

was all noise... it wouldnt stop gurggling, it was like someone

dripping a tap every so often

This lasted for 3hrs and i could hardly sleep

woke up and its started again

Anybody know what causes it?

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Diagnosis: Hypochondriac.

Symptoms: Fear of disease or preoccupation with symptoms. Interferes with a person's daily life in a negative way, leading to medical examinations and posting about random ailments on a car forum. The patient can only temporarily accept assurance that there is no physical explanation to his symptoms and be told to seek proper medical advice so many times.

Cure: Buy some Rennies and a medical encyclopaedia fella - pronto.

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Very funny guys <_< :rolleyes:

Found out what was causing it because ive been in pain for two days

my hitius hernia is playing up again, causing excess acid to

burn its way through my stomach - bowls.

Oh and if i wanted to post about a car

id post it in the relevant section

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